maroc vs saudi arabia arab cup
maroc vs saudi arabia arab cup

maroc vs saudi arabia arab cup _ Al Thumama Stadium in the Qatari capital, Doha, will host a high-level summit between Saudi Arabia and Morocco, in the third and final round of the 2021 Arab Cup.

Morocco won the qualifiers early by defeating Palestine and Jordan, respectively, with the same score 4-0, and their balance became 6 points.

The decision fell into the hands of the Palestinian militants, who were able to extract a valuable point from the Saudi team, which kept

Hoping to qualify, he tied with the Greens who are offering a championship that is not up to the task. Points but behind the goal difference.

maroc vs saudi arabia arab cup

Accordingly, the Saudi team is eagerly looking forward to winning its match against its Moroccan counterpart and reaching the fourth point after losing against Jordan

He tied with Palestine in the first two rounds, while the Moroccan team is looking forward to resting some of its players in preparation for that. For the next round after qualifying and collecting 6 points in two matches.

The match between Morocco and Saudi Arabia will be held on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, at five in the morning, Damascus time, and Cairo, at six in the morning, Saudi time, and seven in the morning, Emirates time.

The Moroccan team was able to resolve its qualifiers quickly, as it defeated Palestine and Jordan 4/0, respectively, in both matches, to gain 6 points.

Therefore, while the Saudi team fell into the trap of a positive tie with one goal for each team against its Palestinian counterpart,

In the last round of the Arab Cup groups, Jordan lost the first goal in a clean round.

Therefore, since then, the hopes of the Green Falcons team to qualify for the quarter-finals have been postponed, as was the Saudi team,

Which offers modest levels of points with its guerrilla counterpart, but remains behind in goal difference.

Qatar, Morocco, Algeria and Egypt managed to qualify for the quarter-finals of the tournament, after reaching the first two rounds of the group stage of the tournament.

Accordingly, Qatar qualified after its victory over Oman, while Morocco qualified after its 4-0 victory over Jordan at 12 noon on Saturday, taking advantage of Saudi Arabia’s 1-1 draw with Palestine.

Morocco match today live broadcast bein sport | The match between Saudi Arabia and Morocco today is the Arab Cup

maroc vs saudi arabia arab cup

saudi arabia vs maroc foot


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